Foundation Learning Academy’s STEAM curriculum helps children learn through trial and error by experimenting and problem solving. Introducing STEAM learning can begin simply by pointing out why and how things in our everyday lives work.
Science – Children will engage in experiments to help develop resourcefulness, goal setting, planning, investigating, predicting, and problem solving. These experiments help nurture a child’s curiosity, as well as acquiring a new way to ask questions and understanding the world in which we live in.

Technology – Technology is all around us and is rapidly progressing each day. These STEAM activities not only promote a STEAM discipline, but also help prepare a child for their future and the types of skills they will need in their everyday lives.
Engineering – Many children are already taking part in fun engineering activities on a daily because children love to build and create. Our STEAM curriculum has some great engineering activity ideas outside of the typical building activities.

Art and Design – The newest discipline that has been added to this specific focus of education calls for children to not only be analytical but creative as well during the process. Art encourages creativity and gives children an opportunity to illustrate concepts that they are learning.

Mathematics – Your child will use math in their everyday lives, and just like technology it is important that young minds are encouraged to promote learning about mathematics, so children have the proper tools and knowledge they need in life. Our math activities may include numbers, patterns, shapes, organizational skills, and much more.