Infant Program

Recent research on infant brain development emphasizes the importance of interaction with the caregiver. Our nurturing teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage language development. Parents work with their infant’s teacher to set their child’s schedule to ensure consistency between home and Foundation Learning Academy. At the time of enrollment, each parent is connected with an online application called HIMAMA; to keep families and teachers connected. The app details everything that occurred that day including feedings, nap times, and diaper changes. Teachers also send multiple pictures and videos on a daily basis to capture the child’s most precious moments and milestones. Our program is also aimed at helping the child learn the skills needed for the next step in their life. We focus on skills such as sitting, crawling, walking, holding his/her bottle, self-feeding, sign language and saying basic words. Floor time/tummy time is another important part of the infant program. It helps the child develop large muscle skills, interact with his/her surroundings, and become more independent. Love and nurturing are a huge part of infant care. Our infants are held, hugged and cuddled as much as possible.